Supima Technologies IT Repair Services

Cell Phone Repairs

Hardware Faults


Cell Phone Repairs (Leading Brands)

Services Cover:

  • Out of warranty / Warranty Voided
  • Cell phone hardware faults
  • Cell phone screen repairs
  • Cell phone button repairs
  • Cell phone charging problems
  • Cell phone microphone or speaker repairs
  • Cell phone camera repairs
  • Cell phone covers

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Computer Desktop Repairs and Services

Repairs, Services and Upgrades of all makes and models of desktop computers

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    Hardware Upgrades

    Memory (RAM) Upgrade – If you do not know the type of memory required, book your computer in and we will handle everything. A quote will be provided, and if we do not have the RAM module required in stock, we will source it for you. If it is a branded machine, specify the brand and exact model of computer.

    Hard drive upgrade – Running out of space? Supima Technologies can install a larger hard drive in your computer system, reload the operating system and install backed up data. Processors, motherboards and graphics cards can also be upgraded, provided that the computer’s generation fits within market availability.

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    Faulty hardware

    All internal computer components can be replaced individually, provided that the computer’s generation fits within current market availability. A faulty power supply is often the cause of computer problems which can result in resetting, switching off randomly, or not starting up. Supima Technologies can repair or replace the faulty hardware with ease. We have the skills to carry out main board repairs right down to component level repairs. Quotes for a new desktop will be provided where repairs are uneconomical
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    Hard drive problems

    Hard drives can be replaced. Various sizes are available. If required, and providing that authentic software and registration keys are supplied, Supima can reload your operating system and software such as Microsoft Office. If data was retrievable, then data transfer can also be carried out. We do not install accounting or proprietary software.
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    Software troubleshooting

    Supima’s software technicians can assist in solving operating system problems (Windows based), virus and spyware removal, or just a general health check.
  • for assistance in resolving your computer hardware and software problems
  • for more information regarding the sale of new computers, accessories and peripherals
  • to request a quotation regarding the purchasing of new computers

Monitor Repairs

Specialist in out-of-warranty repairs

Repairs to all makes and models LCDs, LEDs, as well as the old CRT monitors.

Monitors are stripped down to board level, and repairs
are done at base component level.

  • Internal faults are reparable
  • Broken screens cannot be repaired/replaced

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Software Repair Services

Microsoft based software services

Technical support services

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    Removal of viruses, spyware and adware

    Removal of malicious software and restoration of system activity. In some cases a complete system reinstallation may be required. We will make sure that a good antivirus program is installed on your computer (will quote first)
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    Configuration and troubleshooting of software

    Diagnosing and resolving software problems, eliminating errors and restoring software to its normal operation
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    Installation of software

    Installation of software or other programs for which the original installation disks are provided by the client. Please note that this does not include proprietary or accounting software as these are specific to your company and mostly require specialists in their respective fields.
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    Driver installation

    May be required to solve incompatibilities with hardware, device issues, sound, network, or video problems. Also required after hardware or software upgrades or changes, reinstallation of Windows, and for bug patches.
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    Data transfer / Data backup / Hard drive cloning

    All retrievable data from a hard drive can be transferred onto a new hard drive – often carried out with the purchase of a new computer.
    Hard drive cloning is a quick and painless way of mirroring one hard drive onto another, implemented in the instance where a hard drive is upgraded, within the same machine, and the old hard drive was still functioning optimally.
    If required we can assist with the backup of data.
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    Data recovery

    Losing invaluable data can be disastrous, but fortunately in many cases, lost data is recoverable. We will do our best in helping you solve your crisis wherever possible.

    Data disappearances can be a result of several factors:

    • Mechanical & electrical failure – hard drive crashes due to internal component failure or such things as a power surge
    • Software corruption – fragmented drives, virus attack, firmware corruption etc
    • Human error – accidental deletion of data, dropping or bumping a computer etc

    If mission critical data is inadvertently deleted, please stop working immediately, as deleted data will be overwritten by new data.

    Although highly complex, data recovery from a hard drive within a RAID system is also possible.

Please note: Trouble shooting, configuration and installation of software does not cover any proprietary or
accounting software programs.

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UPS Repairs

All Brands, All Models


All Brands, All Models

  • Total, strip clean and service
  • Replace Batteries
It’s recommended that UPS’s be serviced annually
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Hardware Repair Policies


New parts from original equipment manufacturers (OEM) as well as from quality-tested third party suppliers are used


3 month warranty on workmanship of all hardware repairs. Parts carry the manufacturer’s warranty.

Turnaround time

We aim for a 24 – 48 hours turnaround time, depending on availability of spares and severity of technical fault. Where possible (such as with laptop screen replacements) we will endeavour to repair the equipment while you wait.


Unless otherwise specied, before undertaking repair work, the problem will be diagnosed, and a quote then forwarded for approval.

We take pride in the quality of our products and workmanship,
reliability and fast turnaround times.