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Professional Network Cabling Company

Voice, Video and Data Cabling

Supima Technologies can offer your business an entire turnkey network infrastructure solution – planning, design, supply and installation of your company’s structured network system

A company’s network system forms the backbone of an organisation’s IT infrastructure, responsible for everything from, data transfer, internet access, messaging, telephony solutions, video and audio communications to security. It facilitates efficient collaboration between an organisation’s employees. Its suppliers and customers. The consistency of its performance is crucial.

CAT5, CAT6 and CAT7 network installations

Data cabling installations to meet Molex and Krone standards.

Fibre Optic Solutions

Offering high speed connectivity or connectivity over longer distances.

Wireless Networks


  • New network cable installations
  • Relocation of network points
  • Upgrades to existing networks
  • Network audits
  • Cable testing, fault finding & network cable repairs
  • Network cable tracing & labelling
  • Office fibre optic cabling
  • Server room installations and clean ups
  • Cable management
  • Server Cabinet Installation
  • Installation of switches, routers, range extenders etc
As a network company Supima uses only high quality products in all our installations. This together with the knowledge and experience of our teams, ensures reliable and efficient network infrastructures for small, medium and large businesses.
Whether it be ethernet cabling, fibre, or wireless, each has it place in the workplace. Let us conduct a free site visit and together we can determine the best network cabling solution for your business. Our services don’t stop there, Supima’s Support Division, made up of a team of highly skilled and experienced network technicians will install all servers, network equipment, workstations etc.
From there we can streamline your day-to-day business by maintaining your entire network infrastructure for a fixed monthly fee. This together with a plethora of other ICT services makes Supima a perfect choice as your one-stop IT service provider.

Whether it is shielded or unshielded copper cable, or single-mode or multi-mode fibre cable, we can deliver the correct solution for your company.
With Cat6 being made to operate at gigabit speeds,it has become more popular than Cat5 cabling
and is a good choice in future proofing your network cabling system. Cat6 can also effectively handle data hungry applications and critical applications such as accounting software.
Fibre optic cabling boasts maximum speed, distance and reliability and is well
suited to medium to large companies with mission critical, resource hungry network systems with many devices. While there are many benefits of installing fibre cables,
it is often not necessary. It comes down to cost versus benefit.


While wired networks are still preferred in business due to their enhanced performance and reliability, wireless networks are fast becoming a base requirement in most offices. Today’s users demand increased flexibility, mobility and constant connectivity to their emails, to people, and to the world around them.
A wireless network solution running concurrently with a wired network is the perfect solution in accomodating ever-present roaming mobile devices.
It enables seamless collaboration where employees can communicate easily, be more responsive and efficiently perform their jobs, without being chained to their desks.
And let’s face it, employees are far happier with wireless access than without! An additional service you can offer visitors to your company is free wireless connectivity through a wireless hotspot.
This can be a separate network thereby not imposing on the security of your main network Let us assist in setting up both your wired and
wireless network infrastructure, to run side-by-side, enabling maximum mobility, flexibility, reliability and performance

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  • Server cabinets
  • CCTV
  • Power Protection
  • Fire Suppression
  • Raised Flooring

  • Access Control
  • Climate Control / Air-Conditioning
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What Our Clients Say

  • I was there for most of the installation yesterday and I must say, your team really deserves a mention,
    They are meticulate and detailed and get the job done. You really have a good bunch of guys with you.

    Sashen Gengiah – GEEX
  • Thank you so much. Your staff are fantastic and know all about customer satisfaction & relations.

    Jayne Nicolle – South African Guide Dog Association
  • Working with Supima was pleasure. We used them for cabling our new office, but very quickly did I discover that they were much more than just a straight forward cabling company. Their involvement in the project from beginning to end was amazing. The knowledge of their staff is something that is hard to find in the industry, they explained everything in detail and were always willing to help and assist wherever. The hard work and dedication that was put in is something that will make me want to use them again and definitely advise other companies that are planning a move or even trying to make sense of their network environment at their current site.

    Yasser Padia – JWT/J. Walter Thompson (IT Manager)
  • Very Impressed by your team and the quality of their work... A huge thank you Aubrey, Sam and the rest of the team for yet again outstanding. Definitely my cabling team of choice up there.

    Craig Taylor – Powerstar

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