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Laptop, printer and IT equipment repairs are at the very heart of our business. We are a respected and reliable IT repair company, with a team of skilled and experienced
technicians, specialising in the servicing and repairs of out-of-warranty IT equipment.

Where possible, your laptop will be repaired while you wait

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    Laptop Screen Replacement

    Broken or cracked laptop screen? Dimming laptop screen? We will fit a cost effective replacement screen for most makes and models of laptops on the market.

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    Laptop Overheating

    A large percentage of notebook failures are caused by overheating. We will totally strip the notebook and clean out the inside (air cooling system, air intakes, fan etc), solvent wash any components that have build-up, and then reassemble. Software is not touched with this service. Laptop fan not working? 95% of the time laptop CPU fans are easily repaired.

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    Liquid Damage

    Turn the laptop off immediately! Remove the battery, the AC adapter and unplug the device from the main power. The laptop must be stripped and all components solvent washed. Leaving the spill to simply dry out without properly attending to it will likely result in corrosion of the circuit boards, ultimately leading to complete hardware failure.

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    Faulty Port, Connector or Jack

    • Laptop not registering USB devices?
    • Laptop not connecting to network?
    • Laptop battery not charging or charging intermittently?
    • Laptop not switching on with or without battery?

    This could be due to a faulty USB port, Ethernet port or adapter port / power jack. These ports can be repaired or replaced.Power problems could also be caused by a faulty power adapter or battery, among other things.

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    New Battery

    Email us for a price for a new laptop battery (Please include the exact make and model of laptop and if possible the part number on the current battery).

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    New Adapter

    Email us for a price for a new laptop adapter/charger (Please include the exact make and model of laptop and if possible the part number on the current adapter).

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    Faulty Hardware

    • Battery replacement
    • Power Adapter / Charger repair or replacement
    • Fan repairs or replacement
    • Hard drive replacement
    • Keyboard repair or replacement
    • Optical drive (DVD Writer) repair or replacement
    • Motherboard repair or replacement
    • RAM / Memory replacement
    • Mouse / Sensor Pad repair or replacement
    • Outer Cover / Casing / Bezel repair or replacement
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    Motherboard repairs

    Right down to component level – circuitry repairs. Quotes for a new laptop can be provided where repairs are uneconomical or not possible due to spare parts being unavailable.

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    Preventative Maintenance

    Laptops require servicing at minimum once per year out of warranty. A general service will include a total strip and clean of the laptop. The cooling fans and intakes will be thoroughly cleaned out. This precautionary service will prolong the life of the notebook, allow it to run faster, use its resources efficiently, as well as minimise the risk of hardware failure later on.

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    Broken Laptop Hinge

    A broken hinge can result in your laptop not closing properly, and can cause problems with the connections to the screen. On many occasions it is possible to replace or repair laptop hinges.

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    Laptop Upgrade

    Laptop Memory (RAM) Upgrade – Supima will source RAM that has been tested to work with your particular notebook, thus avoiding compatibility problems.

    Laptop Hard Drive Upgrade / Replacement – Running out of space? Need a higher capacity hard drive installed? Providing that your current hard drive is in good working order, we will be able to keep all your software, settings, system files and data files unaffected.

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    Power Problems

    • Faulty laptop power adapter?
    • Old or Faulty battery?
    • Problem with the charging circuit?

    These can be repaired or replaced. Bring it in to us for testing.

    Email us for a price for a new laptop battery
    Email us for a price for a new laptop adapter / charger / power supply

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    Data Recovery

    Hard drive crashing? Laptop not posting when switched on (not going through to start-up screen), or strange sounds coming from your hard drive? Switch off your machine and bring it to us. There is a chance that we can retrieve the data before the drive crashes completely.

    Where possible, data will be backed up and transferred onto another hard drive.

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Our customers include individual end users, small, medium and large businesses throughout Gauteng

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What Our Clients Say

  • I brought my machine in this morning and left the premises within an hour with a new screen, being a previous technician and seeing how you guys work made me realise that I will definitely be back for more business with you. Keep up the standards you guys have set, there are not many places that provide quality service like you do.

    Andrey Podstavnychy – Striata
  • To the boss/es, just want to thank you for the help given to me the other day with my broken PSU that could not be repaired. You delivered a service beyond what the norm is the workplace here in SA today. From the 1st call made to your company to the help I received from Barry in directing me to Current Automation where I purchased a new PSU, the help was much appreciated. With service like this, your company will succeed.

    Callen van den Broeck
  • A big thank you to you and the team for assisting my customer so quickly this afternoon with his laptop screen – they were very impressed. Awesome service, I’ll be referring many more

    Hayden Cusens – The Computer Guy

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