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Business Continuity And Disaster Recovery

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IT Security Solutions

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    Cloud Based Email Protection

    Email is the primary form of communication of every business, it is also the most commonly attacked gateway that faces daily threat. Ensuring an impenetrable first line of defense is
    essential to keeping business risk of this nature at an absolute minimum.mimecast

    • Attacks are stopped in the cloud before they reach your company’s network
    • Maximum protection – 100% anti-virus, 99% anti-spam levels (with bulk email detection and 0.0001% false positives), zero-day protection
    • Advanced email protection against spear-phishing or targeted attacks
    • Real time email security
    • Users have some control over blocked and quarantined messages
    • Simple security policy roll outs throughout a company at once via one interface
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    Endpoint Security Software

    Viruses and system infiltration can be crippling. It is imperative to keep security software updated, and set to carry out regular automatic scans across every device and application.


    • Complete endpoint protection for Windows – web and email security
    • Endpoint antivirus, antispyware, anti-phishing protection and antispam filters
    • Protection against zero-day targeted attacks
    • Internet access control
    • Bi-directional software based firewall
    • Control of unauthorised peripheral devices
    • Optimised virtualisation support
    • Low use of system resources
    • Remote administration via the web
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    Hardware based firewall – Cyberoam

    • Business class network security ensuring continuous network availability, connectivity and secure remote access.
    • All on one device, operating at your network’s gateway, protecting both your physical and virtual network.
    • Protect against security risks from applications, bring-your-own-devices, spyware, spam, malware, network attacks, unauthorized intrusions and data leakage.


    Software based firewall – Cyberoam

    • A gateway configuration tool for Linux
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    Other Software Security Measures

    • Proxy server – Content filtering mostly related to internet browsing.
    • VPN Solutions – secure access to the internal corporate network as well as secure site-to-site connectivity (connecting multiple networks – particularly useful in enabling branch offices to share resources (WAN).
    • Authorised software – only authorized, original software to be installed.
    • Windows Patches – Microsoft critical updates need to be applied regularly to patch vulnerabilities and ward off intrusion.


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    Physical Security

    • IP and analogue CCTV solutions custom designed to suit each client’s business needs.
    • Biometric and card based access control solutions.

Backup and Storage Solutions

  • Backup
  • Tape backup
  • Disk backup


  • Storage

Symantec Backup Exec supports both the virtual and physical environment, offers deduplication and integrates with other software such as Microsoft Exchange and SQL Server

  • DAS – Direct Attached storage
  • NAS – Network attached storage
  • SAN – Storage Area Network

IT Management Services

IT is core to every business, but if your business is not an IT specialist, then knowing what the best ICT solution to implement is, planning your companies ICT future, and successfully integrating ICT into your company’s everyday processes can be an extremely daunting task. And if not managed properly can lead to many mistakes, much wasted time and money, and incorrect solutions being implemented that do not add business value. Let us advise and guide you on aligning your business and ICT needs, and assist with the implementation of all your ICT solutions.

IT Consulting

Our consulting team fills the role of an ICT Manager. We will analyse your business and advise on ICT policies to suit your needs as well as introduce you to modern trends that will support your business processes and optimise your IT environment. We will conduct analysis of your current ICT setup, and will make recommendations on every facet of your IT strategy – network infrastructure, IT resources, communications, server room setup, security, backup and storage solutions, business continuity, employee computing requirements, daily IT management and so on.

IT Project Management

From design to procurement to installation to support, Supima offers a structured approach to IT projects, managing all resources and services, ensuring professional implementation that occurs on time, within budget and meets our high quality standards. We will assist you with every ICT aspect involved to ensure a smooth move and get your users back on-line quickly.

  • Product rollouts or upgrades
  • Data centre installations
  • Implementation of large network projects – such as office moves, network infrastructure upgrades and changes, audio visual installations, IP communication rollouts and so on
  • Neotel installations – we manage the installation between client and Neotel
  • Multiple vendor management – Supima offers end-to-end ICT solutions via a full range of in-house expertise and where required strategic partnerships with other experts for highly specialised projects.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

  • Backup physical and virtual environments with one solution.
  • Recover individual data or a full server system of any size in minimal time to the same or other hardware.
  • Easily and efficiently restore servers, databases, applications, files, and virtual machines.
Email continuity through cloud based services

  • Mimecast’s multiple data centres and redundant infrastructure ensure that emails are always accessible.
  • Continual access to emails and calendars – even when in-house systems are down.
  • Optional Continuity mode enables the sending and receiving of emails even when the company’s mail server is down.
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook and Office 365.
  • Email archiving up to 10 years.

Improves business continuity as recovering virtual machines is easy and fast

Virtualisation will allow companies to get the most out of their hardware. Hardware resources can now be allocated based on the workload.

Installed in the right configuration, virtualisation offers high availability for your servers and when coupled with the right backup software, can reduce the time required to restore your environment to a “Business As Usual” state.

Rental Financing

Investing in your company’s IT infrastructure is an intelligent long-term business strategy.

Long term rentals only (36 months)
Finance assistance may be provided on large orders (above R 100 000) where hardware and software is purchased from Supima Technologies

  • No capital expenditure – converted into operating expenditure.
  • Cash flow management – fixed monthly payments.
  • Covers hardware, software and services.
  • Refresh technology every 36 months (optional) – Replace equipment after 3 years and continue the rental agreement.
  • Access to high quality equipment with the correct specifications to fully meet requirements.
  • Upgrade or replace equipment during the rental period – contract will be amended.