Communicate Smarter and Faster with VoIP and Other IP Telephony Technologies

IP telephony is the solution to integrated communications for modern business. VoIP and other IP telephony technologies have resulted in better collaboration between people and data. It has become an essential tool in to have in one’s arsenal in an increasingly volatile and competitive economy.

State of the art IP telephony systems such as VoIP succeed in surpassing geographic boundaries, effortlessly linking your team with each other, whether they are in the field, on mobile phones, at the head offices or across any of your branches. Let us help you to harness the power of VoIP in your daily operations.

IP Telephony & VoIP Systems for Your Business

Scalable communications that can grow with your business remains critical. You can expand or contract these systems to grow along with your business. Don’t forget the incredible flexibility that these systems and technologies offer your business and its employees.

It’s simply never been easier to route calls directly to your team’s desk handsets, or to their IP-linked phone in a remote office, or to mobile phones. With enhanced mobility comes enhanced productivity and customer service levels. Enjoy greater control of your communications with centralised call management activities, and use the internet as the backbone for your VoIP system.

What VoIP Services Do We Offer?

  • IP phones
  • Voice over IP
  • IP PBX systems
  • Cloud PBX systems
Our cloud-based IP telephony system allows for better management of your communications, from anywhere in the world. It also makes analysis of usage and call data a breeze, recording and storing calls in the cloud for however long you may need them.

Forget the landlines – contact us today to find out more about our Cloud-Based and Onsite VoIP Solutions

Virtual Conference Room

If you’re looking for a virtual conference room, with attendees being able to dial in from anywhere in the world, cloud-based IP telephony systems are what you’ve been searching for. VoIP enables greater collaboration with employees being able to effectively share information and make informed decisions together through virtual meeting rooms.

Our cloud-based VoIP allows for easy automation, and management of the system from any location. You can easily analyse usage and call data, and implement hot desking with pin activated dialling. And if you’ve been searching for ways to record and store your calls to the cloud, you’ve found it.

Maximise VoIP with Lightning Fast Internet

Maximising the power of VoIP requires having a reliable and high speed internet connection, which we can help with. It can be overwhelming when presented with the integration and deployment of IP telephony systems in your company, but it doesn’t need to be.

We’ll take care of every aspect of integrating our state of the art IP telephony solutions across your business. Simply speak to us to learn more about our IP telephony services, solutions and systems, and how it can be of benefit to you. We look forward to working with you.