Supima-Home-Page-Header-Home-2Specialists in Laptop and Printer repairs. We’ve seen it all. There’s hardly any laptop fault that will surprise us. If your laptop is acting up, trust us to get it back up and running in no time at all…

Supima - IT SolutionsOur managed IT and support services are there to monitor the health of your IT infrastructure and maintain IT systems that are stable, secure and consistently available . . .

Supima - Internet ServicesReliable and professional internet services are within reach. We bring internet connectivity to companies of all shapes and sizes, across all economic sectors, and help companies…

Supima - Network InfrastructureOur team is ready to provide you with an entire turnkey network cabling solution for all your voice, video and data cabling requirements…

Office 365 AWe provide a comprehensive list of cloud services, all of which are tailored to the approach our clients take in their data backup, encryption, long term recovery, storage and reporting…

Supima - IT SolutionsLet our structured approach to IT projects and management help you keep tabs on your IT infrastructure as well as provide solutions for your IT security, storage and procurement

We supply quality major brand IT products.

We supply it all, from business servers to laptops, desktops, printers to projectors, peripheral equipment such as monitors, and external hard drives and everything in between…

Supima Power Solutions providing Solar Energy Solutions, Robust Generators, solar power for electricity generation, solar energy systems, backup power solution, uninterrupted power supply, Uninterruptible Power Supplies, UPS, Fixed Inverters paired with battery solutions, battery storage systemsSupima Power Solutions

From robust generators to seamless Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS),  fixed inverters, and revolutionary solar energy systems, we offer a comprehensive suite of energy solutions to cater to all your residential, commercial, and industrial power needs.

We Are Your First Choice IT Company – Here’s What We Can Do for Your Business

It’s not easy competing in an ever globalising and technologically advanced economy. However, with the backing of one of the top IT companies in Johannesburg, your business has the best head start available. As a leader in the IT sector for many years, we continue to set the standard for excellent customer care and expert service in the IT industry.

Downtime crushes a business’s competitiveness, and the drive that fuels its people. Can you think of anything more frustrating than wanting to excel at your work, to execute projects and meet deadlines, only to be cut off by the knees with flaky, unreliable and antiquated technology?

With Supima Technologies, your team has the backing of a leading IT company ready to help keep systems up and running, and hardware and software operating optimally. This is our promise to you. Let us help keep your business’s doors open, lights on and operating effortlessly around the clock.

We are the IT company to get you connected, and keep you connected. Our team is ready to deploy the expert IT solutions your business needs to operate and compete on an equal footing with your biggest competitors. To learn more about our services and solutions, and to find out why we’ve been able to rremain one of the longest standing and preferred IT companies in Johannesburg for so long, contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you.

What Services Does Our IT Company Offer?

Throughout the years, we’ve learned a lot about the needs of our clients. We’ve taken this all on board to develop a service offering that far exceeds all the expectations of our clients. Today, Supima offers services to suit most every IT need, thereby offering clients the convenience of fulfilling their IT requirements via a single service provider

We remain dedicated to helping you stay on top of your company’s ICT requirements by providing you with the tools to handle the ever evolving digital economy. Some of the many services you can expect from Supima Technologies include:

  • IT support services
  • Network infrastructure services
  • IT management services
  • IP telephony solutions
  • Cloud services
  • Laptop repairs, Printer repairs and General IT repairs
  • Connectivity services
  • Business continuity solutions
  • IT hardware and software sales

Find out why we’ve been able to remain one of the preferred IT companies in Johannesburg

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